Open Datastudio Open Data Studio

Open data studio is a managed computing service on Staroid cloud. Run your machine learning workloads without managing clusters and servers.


Use all the latest machine learning technology in a single place. Open data studio continues to integrate the best technologies for machine learning.

Apache spark Ray Dask Delta lake Nvidia CUDA

Easy of use

Access to the latest machine learning technology shouldn’t be more than a few clicks or a few lines of code away.

Install, configure and spinup spark cluster with 3 remotely running workers
import ods
spark = ods.spark("my-spark", worker_num=3).session()

Fully managed

Save time and reduce risk. Open data studio is maintained by the committers of the open source project and industry experts on top of secure, reliable, and high performance cloud platform Staroid.

Open source

Open data studio is an open source project. You can easily see source code, understand how it works, and get involved. When you need, fork and get your own version of managed service!